The Creating Wellness Lifestyle

creating-wellness-stepsWe help people achieve personal wellness by enrolling individuals in the process of chiropractic care to keep their bodies balanced through constantly monitoring their progress, getting them engaged in better nutrition, exercise, and healthy positive thinking. Personal wellness is a multi-dimensional approach that will help take your life to an entirely new level. For example, the person who visits their chiropractor with the desire to live a healthier life and lose 15 pounds will only achieve lasting and sustained success if an entire lifestyle is what he/she adopts. This would include chiropractic care, proper nutrition, functional exercise, stress relief techniques, and personal empowerment protocols. This is why we cater and customize solutions for each individual to ensure success in achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Creating Wellness is a Five Step Process:

Creating Wellness offers a never before achieved multi-dimensional assessment of the positive and negative stresses of your daily life.

Our personal coaching program is a cornerstone of the Creating Wellness System – it is the mission of your coach to make sure you get results.

Your on-line wellness solution – MyCreatingWellnessSpace – provides you 24/7 wellness direction for your nutritional planning needs and the wellness lifestyle you’re looking to achieve.

wellness-assessment-quotientStep 1 – Your Creating Wellness Assessment

Your journey begins with your Creating Wellness Assessment. Using state-of-the-art, scientific technology and a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire, our assessment evaluates your wellness in each of the 3 dimensions – Be Fit, Eat Right and Think Well.

The Creating Wellness Assessment measures and records such factors as nervous system function, body composition, stress response – and over 50 other factors that are crucial indicators of your over-all wellness. This evaluation allows us to focus on the specific needs that must be met in order for you to increase your wellness in all 3 dimensions.

At the end of the assessment, you are provided your unique personalized Wellness Quotient (WQ). One number that communicates your overall level of wellness.

Step 2 – Your Creating Wellness Quotient

Our powerful computer software uses your physical assessment and lifestyle questionnaire to calculate your Wellness Quotient. Your Wellness Quotient is a snapshot of your overall state of wellness— think of it as your Wellness IQ. It is the sum total of your present Physical, Bio-Chemical and Psychological well-being—and the foundation from which you will begin to create wellness in your life.



Step 3 – Your Customized Wellness Program

Here is where it gets exciting! Based on the results of your assessment, we create a 3- dimensional program—customized to your unique needs.Our software makes this possible by turning the data we’ve collected into a personal action plan for wellness, your customized Creating Wellness System!

Each dimension – Be Fit, Eat Right and Think Well – is developed to help you achieve your goals!

Step 4 – Your Coaching Sessions

We understand that making major lifestyle changes can be difficult—and sometimes a little scary. That is why you will work with a certified Wellness Coach for encouragement, advice and motivation. Your personal coach will help you face challenges, overcome obstacles—and share in your victories!

During these wellness sessions, your coach will discuss your “Sound Advice” on-line audio magazine, and a fitness and nutritional program that’s right for you. Creating Wellness certified Coaches give you the tools and support you need to get the most out of the Creating Wellness System. It is the mission of our coaches to make sure you achieve your goals!

Step 5 – Continuing Reassessment

Your are reassessed periodically to make sure you are achieving measurable progress. Continuous re-assessments allow us to make adjustments in the program to ensure it is always addressing your most current needs.

The Creating Wellness System changes as you change—adapting dynamically as you move through the program. It is exciting and encouraging to see your Wellness Quotient continuously increase during the course of the program!